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It's pretty much accepted that every business should have some sort of web presence and your business would more than likely benefit from some social media activity. But what you can do and what you should do is as unique as you are. Take advantage of my one-off help or ongoing support to get the best ROI from your online cash/time investment. I've listed here the main things that my clients have struggled with, but if you don't see your situation listed, just shout.

You have a website and social media accounts but you're not all that chuffed with what they're doing for your business.

It's time to get an objective viewpoint.

Almost every business owner I meet says they're not all that happy with what their website/social media is doing for them. No matter whether they've just invested a fortune or invested just a little some time ago, it's rare for me to meet a business owner who says "my website/social media is/are great". If you feel that way and would like an objective view on what you could do to improve your online engagement, book a call and we can look at your website and your social accounts together.

You're starting out and want to make sure that you invest in the right online assets.

Let me help you cut through the online noise.

No matter how much due diligence you do, it's a tough call to decide alone what you need and what you can comfortably ignore when it comes to online. Websites can be cheap and cheerful or horrendously expensive. Unfortunately horrendously expensive doesn't always deliver the best results. If you're starting out and aren't sure what you should be throwing your online budget at, book a call and we can work through the options together. You don't need to be counting on working with me long-term - I can help you get unstuck.

You want/need to cast your net wider, but don't know what to invest in.

I'll help you demystify SEO, social media, blogging, Google My Business etc

There are lots of ways to cast your net wider online and knowing which would work best for you and your business is tough. Wherever you look, you get conflicting advice and you just seem to turn around in circles, maybe even trying stuff and then giving up. If you'd like help to identify where you should be investing your cash and your efforts to effectively cast your net wider, book a call and we can discuss your options together.

You need help with your message/social media strategy/web content.

It's important to re-look at your online stuff on a regular basis.

What you have online is the only thing that some people will see. When people are looking for a solution, they may well hear about you/be recommended to speak to you. Part of their decision-making process will be going online to see what's on there about you. They'll probably look at your website, your social media or both. If you're not showcasing your business in its best light online you're missing a trick. Book a call and we can have an objective look at your online stuff together.

You want to feel more in control of online.

It's time to get a grip of web and social.

Irrespective of the financial or time investment you actually put into online, it's a topic that's more than likely a monkey on your business back. You probably keep thinking that you should improve your website or get more active on social? It's there in the background niggling away. If you want to feel more in control of everything online, I can help you get you to where you need to be. Book a call and let's get that journey started.

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Here's what some of the people I've helped have to say:

Lesley and Outi Koekenbier


Suzie helped us create our brand and get our business growing. Our work together started by identifying our best buyers, what is important to them and how we can best reach out and engage with them. We’ve been building the Aiver Sport brand ever since and it’s going from strength to strength.

Ronak Ruparell


Suzie is someone who seems to intuitively understand you and your business as well as your clients, which means she doesn’t need you by her side while she’s working to get online right for you. This is great news for busy people like myself and one of the main reasons I regularly recommend her to my connections.

Christine Penman

Director and Founder

The insight Suzie has given me in terms of exactly what I need to convey to my customers and potential customers has been invaluable. She completely changed my perspective in such a positive way that I now feel more confident and ready. I would not be in this position without Suzie’s help, support and expertise.

Kirsty Briggs

Founder and Director

I run two successful businesses. When I started working with Suzie I had no online presence. I now have two great looking websites that send the right messages to my clients/potential clients and position my business perfectly. Suzie also provides support for all my on and off-line marketing – all at a great price. Working this way is a real bonus to me because it lets me get on with doing what I do best – running my business.

David Goonery

Founder and Owner

Updating my 10-year-old website and getting my social media sorted had been on my ‘To Do’ list for a year when I was introduced to Suzie. We started with an Online Review and a chat. I quickly realised that if I worked with Suzie I could get a great online result at a reasonable cost, and more importantly without too much input on my part. I have now achieved all those things and more.

Flemming Bo Larsen

Founder and CEO

Suzie's simple yet focused and direct approach meant we quickly defined each buyer group, formulated targeted value propositions and created messages that would truly engage my audiences. In addition, we created a reach out strategy that resulted in me signing my first contract within 48-hours of launch.

Graeme Meldrum

General Manager

Working with Suzie made me feel in control of the whole online process. Beforehand I wasn't even aware of some of the things we unearthed together. She drilled down to find 'gold' and created an online presence that is fresh, on point and well received by clients and potential clients alike.

Mark McKinnon


Working with Suzie turned my view on its head. Before I was so product focused that I couldn't see the bigger picture: what would make customers want what I have? Working with her made the penny drop. Thanks Suzie, for opening my eyes to a world of opportunity.

Sharon Dehmel MBA


When I first talked to Suzie I knew I was dealing with a professional. She's given me the professional web presence I want as well as the strategy to help me develop and grow my business. She's authentic, trustworthy and open.