Would you like to cast your net wider on LinkedIn?

Are you pretty sure that LinkedIn is a good place for you to reach more of your best/preferred clients? Do you instinctively know you should be more active on there, but either struggle with the whole idea or give it a go from time to time and then stop because it feels fake and showy-offy? Yes? Then it's time to discover The KNOW Posting Programme.

It's called KNOW because...

Modesty aside, you KNOW you're good at what you do

But admitting that doesn't come easy. You're modest/shy when it comes to blowing your business trumpet. Whether you were born modest/shy or it's something you've developed over the years, underneath it all, you know you're good at what you do. Otherwise you wouldn't be doing it.

Exceeding expectation, going the extra mile, delivering on your promises and delighting happy, repeat clients is part of your DNA.

You know that there are more people out there you could help BUT you hate the idea of "selling" or face-to-face networking events. And up until now LinkedIn has been a challenge for you.

You KNOW your clients think you're good at what you do

  • They're loyal

    You've got a business solution that people like. They stay with you and have confidence in the product/service you provide. They rarely look elsewhere because they trust you and value what you do for them.

  • They're happy

    You listen to your clients needs and deliver on your promises. You're not the cheapest in the world, but that's not why they come to you. They're happy to have you help them solve their problems.

  • They recommend you

    Your clients regularly recommend you to people in their network. They do that because they value you and feel proud to be working with you. They know you can help others with similar needs to theirs.

You KNOW you could get more clients if you could extend your reach

Once you're in front of a potential client they can see (more or less immediately) that you can add value to their business/their lives.

Attracting and converting potential clients face-to-face doesn't feel awkward, difficult or showy. But putting yourself out on a wider stage - that's a completely different, very awkward, difficult and showy notion.

It doesn't have to be that way. You can be your authentic self on LinkedIn. You just need to find your feet and your voice.

You KNOW the clients you want/deserve are on LinkedIn

  • They're on there liking and/or commenting on posts

  • Some are putting content out there themselves

  • You already have a few of them amongst your connections

You KNOW LinkedIn is one of the best places to get noticed by the people you want to attract but:

  • You've tried it and it didn't work as you'd imagined. You've watched some of the "get rich quick"/jargon-packed LinkedIn training stuff and it just left you confused and feeling even more "cringey".

  • You don't have the time. There aren't enough hours in the day. Each week you say you'll tackle LinkedIn next week, but getting the job done has to come first, doesn't it?

  • You don't know what to post. You're convinced that you have nothing to say that would be of interest to others. And there's enough noise out there without you joining in.

This is why I developed The KNOW Posting Programme

It's a completely bespoke, self-paced, highly effective yet affordable (prices start at just £100 per month), one-to-one LinkedIn posting programme for people who:

  • Know that LinkedIn holds opportunities for them to extend their business reach and get noticed by the right people.

  • Have seldom posted on LinkedIn. When they have posted it's been sporadic - on a bit of a wing and a prayer.

  • Feel posting on LinkedIn is outside their comfort zone & showy-offy. They worry what people might think.

  • Want to crack this platform but find it so scary that they hide behind lack of time or not knowing what to say.

  • Are aware they need help and guidance but neither have a ton of cash to spare, nor do they know who to ask/trust .

Fancy finding out if The KNOW Posting Programme is for you?

Reach out. We can enjoy a virtual coffee together and explore the possibilities.

Why The KNOW Posting Programme works

  • You work at your own pace and at your level. You don't need every trick in the LinkedIn book for it to work. You just need the right support and direction, to show up, be yourself and help people.

  • You get one-to-one support, help, guidance and motivation. You've got me to yourself, on your terms, as often as you need me - it's a bit like a Personal Trainer for LinkedIn really.

  • You set aside time to focus on finding your LinkedIn feet and voice. Setting aside time to work on LinkedIn with me by your side means you're way more likely to show up, stay on track and do what you've been wanting to do for ages.

How The KNOW Posting Programme works

  • Before you embark on any journey, you need to know where you want to go. Together we'll drill down on where you are now and get clear on where you want to go.

  • We get real on what you can do, the time you can commit and what you can achieve. After that, we develop a LinkedIn strategy that fits your schedule, your knowledge of the platform and is firmly focused on your goals.

  • We work together, measure the results as we go and take things at your pace (with the odd push from me). Unlike your LinkedIn journey so far, you'll have someone by your side who's cheering you on and helping you keep score.

What you get when you choose The KNOW Posting Programme

  • A LinkedIn strategy that's authentic, appropriate for your level and set at your desired pace.

  • Accountability and confidence.

  • One-to-one support and access to smart tools that work and are easy to use.

Fancy finding out if The KNOW Posting Programme is for you?

Reach out. We can enjoy a virtual coffee together and explore the possibilities.

Here's what some of the people who've been helped by The KNOW Posting Programme have to say:

Iain McAlpine

Commercial Director

I’ve been on Suzie’s LinkedIn KNOW programme for a few months now. I started the process with a bit of trepidation but am now seeing the results and very much enjoying it.

Lots of us have been in front of coaches talking-up superficial strategies to attract number-driven engagement, but with Suzie it was instantly apparent that she wasn’t about that. She wanted to understand me, what I want to get from LinkedIn and how my in-built “barriers” can be managed without reinventing myself.

It’s very important to me to be successful on LinkedIn without compromising authenticity and to engage by showing my own personality. I trust Suzie implicitly and that underpins her ability to help me achieve more than I had ever thought possible. She encourages me to use my existing skills, to work on my confidence and to push myself to do better.

Rona Campbell

Managing Director

I have been on Suzie’s LinkedIn KNOW Posting Programme for many months now and I really value the one to one support she offers. She’s a great sounding board and motivator and has really helped me find my authentic LinkedIn voice without feeling like I’m showing off or giving a hard sell.

Help from Suzie means I now post regularly and have a great posting schedule to work towards. Before I worked with Suzie I never felt like I knew what to post and it was very sporadic. Suzie has a brilliant way with words and just seems to ‘get’ what I’m trying to say.

Donnie Campbell

Master & tech innovator

When I started Suzie’s KNOW Posting Programme, I’d never posted on LinkedIn before. I was very aware that LinkedIn would help me reach the people in the shipping industry who I wanted to notice me/my innovation, but it all felt too awkward and scary.

Suzie gave me the confidence, motivation, support and direction to go out there and start a conversation on the platform. I was blown away by the results. I got over 24,500 views on one of my early posts, a new job and interest in my innovation.

Fancy finding out if The KNOW Posting Programme is for you?

Reach out. We can enjoy a virtual coffee together and explore the possibilities.